RFP Presents

Iowa Waterscapes

© Gerald Rowles 2003 - 2005
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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Morning Fog Blankets the Treeline at Shore Bucolic Morningscape
Harvest Moon Gets a Frigid Reception Dawn Paints the Morning Mist Golden Lake Misty Vista
Rusty Glow Morning on Shettler Pond Shimmering Spring Morning Reflections on the Pond
Spring Morning Tapestry on the Water Golden Dawn Outlines River Current Riffles Through a Turn
Canadian Male Guards His Mate on the Nesting Pond Fiery Dawn on a Secluded Pond
Blazing Reflection Sky Blue Pink
Late Summer Reflection at Big Creek
Misty River Bend
Fiery Forms Sentinels in the Icy Mist II
Late Harvest Moon Gets a Chilly Reception Late Winter Harbor for Canadian Geese on Big Creek
Late Winter Harbor for Canadian Geese on Big Creek II Rick-Rack Roots Look Across Glassy Calm
Blue Dawn on Cottonwood Pond Blue Dawn Over Saylorville Lake
Rusted Dawn at Cottonwood Morning on Cottonwood Pond
Reflections on a Mossy Pond Still Lake - Aqua Sky
Streaming Reflections Orange Lake at Dawn River Bend Echoes Autumn Foliage
A Fallen Forest Sentry Rises Above the Water Again Canadian Geese Floating Beneath the Willows
Reflections on Cottonwood Pond Mossy Banked Winding Stream Amid Fall Colors
Ice Creek and Covered Bridge in Madison County Boat Ramp Awaits Spring Thaw Winter's Icy Chill on Big Creek
Early Winter Dawn Greets the Cattails Blue Ice Dawn
Canadian Geese Scratch For Winter Scraps Sun-Kissed Autumn Shore Autumn Stroll by the Frozen Pond
Canadian Geese Bask in Sunlight on Frozen Pond
Sentinels in the Icy Mist
Misty Vista Blue Heron in the Mist Secluded Getaway
Early Winter Shore and Ice Mellow Morn