RFP Presents
The 'tween Season
Not Quite Winter - Not Quite Spring

© Gerald Rowles 2008
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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Eileen Survived Winter

Golden Jubilee

High and Dry
Traffic Patterns

Winter Kill

Root Bare

Near Miss

School Yard

Sky Fringe

Ichabod Oak

Larpenteur Oak

Haying Door

Ingemann Danish
Pioneer Brick Barn

Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer ... - Saylorville Lake - Polk Co.

Snow Cardinal - Polk Co.
Corn Feast

Juvenile Baldy

Tree Stand

Poised to Prey

Sepia Larpenteur Oak

Mischievous Grin - Jester Park - Polk Co.

Spring Goldfinch
Ross's Goose Trot

Bluebird Swirl

Coot Pose

Female Checks Mate

Bluebird Texture

Bluebird Glow

Purple Finch Camo

Sweet Simplicity

Purple Finch Perch
Broad Shoulders

Cold Frolic I

Horseless Carriage
'tween Textures

Cold Frolic II

Frolicking Warmup - Monona Co.

American Steel

Bedded Down
Lambsie Pink Cold Frolic II Cold Frolic I

Frolicking Warmup - Monona Co.
Generations I

Generations II

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