RFP Presents

Iowa Spring Tractor Ride
and Antique Tractors

© Gerald Rowles 2007
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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By chance, I passed by the Saylorville Lake Visitor Center about midday, Saturday the 12th of May. Surprisingly, there were about fifty antique, mostly restored tractors as well as a few smaller contemporaries. The drivers, mostly farmers / tractor aficionados had stopped for a picnic lunch. I chatted with them briefly, and began to leave for home. On the way out of the park though, I decided to position myself to capture the passage of this charming assembly. And as they passed and waved I felt proud to be in what is often called flyover country. I thought to myself, "This is the American heartland; its farmers and patriots; its mothers and fathers; its soul."

Antique Tractors
Photographed at
Johnson's Antique Tractors
(563) 212-7432
Miles, Iowa