RFP Presents

Iowa Serendipity

© Gerald Rowles 2003 - 2005
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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Firefighters Hold the Wall Saylorville Water Release Gate at Dusk
Butterfly Kite at the Dam A Strange Rock Totem
Begging for Water Heavenly Lights at Dusk A Walk in the Park
Homeland Security at Camp Dodge, Iowa Sailing Before the Storm
Iowa Gold: Dimpled Ear of Summer Corn Mr. Squirrel Snacks
The Sentinel and the Scout 'It Doesn't Really Matter' Monument at La Veta Pass Japanese Ladybug Scurries Home
Heroes Under the Rainbow Gull and Goose Share Golden Moment
Smokin' Blue Heron Albert The Bull - Audubon, IA Tree Squirrel Challenge
Christmas at the Town Square Christmas Morning at the Town Square Christmas Morning at the Band Stand
Sun Bear Dandruff Snowmobile Races in the Mud
Victory Bus Nose Dive
Skulling on the Des Moines River
Moonlit Quarry Dunes Turkey Vulture on the Lunch Pail
No Really, I'm Laughing With You Big Feet? What Big Feet?
Envious Gulls Pelican Posers
My Box! Tis Not! Tis Too! Baby Boomers Cafe Tall Tail Tree Squirrel
Bald Eagle Competitive Fishing Bald Eagle Competitive Fishing II