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Rocky Mountain Reverie
© Gerald Rowles 2007
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The images on these pages were captured over several days of touring the Headwaters of the Arkansas River in Southeast Colorado and the nearby passes - Monarch, Cottonwood and Independence. Whether raining or sunlit, the vistas are always enchanting and a source of wistful reverie
and painterly impressions.

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Sunspot; Sawatch Mountain Range

Mt. Princeton, Mt. Antero, Fabeguache Mt., at Cottonwood Pass
Leichen Rock Blossoms

Roadside Shadows

Cottonwood Creek & Blooming Sally

Wetland Pond; Cottonwood Pass

Blooming Sally / Fireweed


Wetland Pond; Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass
Rain Dew

Fireweed Feast

Cottonwood Pass Chiaroscuro

Storm Textures

Aspen Lines
Aspen Lines Chiaroscuro

Pastoral Vista

Sunbreak Ridge
Rainy Day Schoolbus

Rain Forecast


Sunlit Crown

Morning Drama, Cottonwood Pass
Pillow Clouds & Aspen Textures, Cottonwood Pass Enchanted Aspen Grove
Nodding Onion

Sun-Kissed Nodding Onion

Cottonwood Lake Sunrise Shadows
Dancing Aspen

Cottonwood Pass Visual Treasures


Cottonwood Pass Visual Treasures

Mt. Antero, Mt. Princeton, Mt. Yale

One Man's Castle

Mt. Princeton
Mountain Farm

Clustered Texture
Rocky Eruption on the Arkansas River Distant Horizons

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