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The Parkersburg Tornado

An Iowa Story of True Grit

© Gerald Rowles 2008
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Spirit of 2008

As Far as the Eye Can See

Nature's Toys Tossed

Memories Become Rubble
A Mile Wide Path of Destruction

Nothing But Debris

With Effortless Destruction

Saved for Another Day

Life's Joys are Precious and Fragile

A Monument to Nature's Power

Cherished Classics Crushed

Careful Piles of What was Home
At the Edge of Destruction

Nature Quickly Moves In

The Church Still Stands

To Rebuild Its Homes

Everywhere You Look, Parkersburg Begins to Rebuild

The Grand Piano Lies in the Street

3 Months Later - The Church Neighborhood
3 Months Later - Like A Rock
3 Months Later - Nearly Restored

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