RFP Presents

Iowa's Seasonal Moods

A Mix of Seasons and Wildlife

March through December

© Gerald Rowles 2004-2009
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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Field Frost Dawn

Spring Mist Rising

Blue Sunset Sailin'

Double Sunup

Barred Owl

Male Wild Turkey

Yellowheaded Blackbird Rasps a Call

Baltimore Oriole - Juvenile

Yellowheaded Male Blackbird

Rich New Field

Restful Grove

Blue (Morph) Snow Goose

Curious Bambis
Gangly Fawns Exploring

Where's He Going?

Got Milk?

Smell's Good Nuff to Eat

Summer Cloudburst
Summer Cloudburst

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

88 Pelicans; 1 Turkey Vulture

Sudden Storm; Rainbow Finish

Yellow Cascade in the Morning Mist

Wondrous Webs

Deer Watering at Dawn

Misty River; Brisk Morning

Wetland Webs

Great Egret Pecking Order

Morning Watering Hole

Cedar Waxwing Heaven

Pelican Updraft

Heavenly Clouds

Complex Webbed Collar

Predators Share a Moment

Perfect Sailing Day

Hazy, Lazy morning

Moon Re-entry

Waning Moon Graze

Full Moon Mist
Startled Great Egret

Orchestral Sunset

Common Snipe

Snipe Hunt

Egret Tapestry

Hidden Cove
Deep Foliage

Double Crested Cormorants in Flight

Pelican Surfs the Spillway

Golden Sunlight Grotto

Snowy Egret Grooming
Egyptian Sunrise

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