RFP Presents
Backroads and Blossoms
Truth, Beauty, and Soul

© Gerald Rowles 2008
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

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Farm Pond


Dancing Maidens

Crochette Terrace
Trunk Full of Blossoms

Lip Gloss

Fixer Upper

329 Elm Street
Elm Cascade


Livestock Chuckwagon

Good Ol' Days

Lemon Drops
Level B Tunnel

Popcorn Grove

Sweetness and Light

Archway Park Memorial
Fresh Start

Peak Energy

Archway Park Memorial - Tiny Towns, Big Memories
Shining Faces

Politician's Helper

Field Crest

Little Sioux Memorial

 'The Brick' 1871 Old Town

Midnight Starburst

Clay Canyon Blossom

A Weed by Any Other Name ...

Loess Hills

Emerald Pasture Wetland

Mosquito Net

Smalltown Dealer

Mapleton Fireman's Memorial


Exuberantly Pink

Tree Line

Black Tern Skimming
Loving Outreach

Tender Touch

Durable Contours

Joyful Chatter

Alone Among the Folds and Shadows
Hillside Walkout

Edge of Town

Backcountry Road

Hung Out to Dry

Warm Fuzzies

Stand Out from the Crowd

Murray Hill Overlook
Slow Fade

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