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1883 Village Blacksmith
Matthew Edel
Haverhill, IA
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The Shop - Just As He Left It In 1940

The Shop - Not Quite As He Left It In 1940

The Forge and Anvil
Horseshoe Holder
The Large Vise
Hammer Selection
Woodworking Section
Shoe Fitting Room 2007
Woodworking Bandsaw I
Shoes By Customer Name
Nothing Goes To Waste
The Forge Business End
Original Bellows
Forge With New Blower Control
Cartwheel Jig
Shoe Fitting Room 2012
Woodworking Bench
Hatchet Stairway
Scale and Supplies
Job Clock
Woodworking Table Saw
The Belts That Drive It All
Woodworking Bandsaw II
Woodworking Table Saw Closeup
Punch Press
Drill Press and Bits
Edel Designed Iron Grave Markers
Edel Designed Iron Grave Markers
Braces and Bits (Hand Drills)

Joseph Edel 1833 - 1909
Edel Family - Matthew 2nd From Right 1856 - 1940

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