RFP Presents

Iowa: Beauty, Faith
and Tradition
© Gerald Rowles 2007
Please Don't Copy These Photos Without Formal Permission.

Welcome to Portsmouth
Traer Landmarks

North Tama Landmark
Spring Evening Springing to Life

Immaculate Conception, Haverhill

Independence Eve, 2007
Capitol Terrace

Independence Eve, 2007

Immaculate Conception, Haverhill
Immaculate Conception, Haverhill

Last Night's Ride
Spring Carnival Slice of Excitement

Field Mouser
Country Road Seasoned Main Street, Montezuma
Time Tested Sunday Morning Community Service

North English Spring

North English Farmstead

Community Dedication

Decoration Day
Civic Pride

Town Square, Williamsburg
Lest We Forget Curvaceous Beauty Shaded Caress

Shared Loss
Mississippi Passageways
Immaculate Conception, Haverhill Immaculate Conception, Haverhill Ribbons and Rows
Immaculate Conception, Haverhill Renewal Green Fest

Spring Textures and Contours

St Joseph's Catholic Church 1898

Grain Mill, Turkey River

Grain Mill Outbuilding, Turkey River

1840 Grain Mill, Elkader IA

Pioneer Rock Church Mississippi Lock & Dam #10

Ol' Man River
Holy Cross Iowa
Flyover Country

Country Neighborhood
Saints Peter & Paul At Rest

Saint Boniface, New Vienna
New Vienna Centerpiece Eternal Prayer The Wedding Party
Independence Mill Main Street Independence Independence Mill Watercolor
Main Street Watercolor Riverview Wackerbarth
Butterfly Soda Faith

Dream Field

Prairie Creek Chapel